Diksha School

We make sure we include those who have need us the most.

Admissions @ DIKSHA

Children from disadvantaged families who register their names in DIKSHA for admission are scrutinized on the basis of

  • an admission test and
  • their parent/guardian’s interview

 Admissions are given to deserving students on the following basis:

  • Children of Single parents
  • Children of Needy parents (monthly income less than INR 20000)
  • Children belonging to minority community (Muslims or Christians).
  • Siblings of students already studying in DIKSHA
  • Students who have been trying to get admission from past two/three years.

We take 30 students in Nursery every year.

While DIKSHA is an NGO, we give a lot of emphasis to keep our school structured and follow CBSE rules. What does this mean in practice? It means that children are not admitted mid-session, they are required to attend all classes, do their homework, give their exams, participate in co-curricular activities.

It is important that parents, even when they are uneducated themselves, feel a part of this journey. Frequent parent-teacher meetings are conducted to make sure they partake in the process of their child’s development and work with the school to help their children achieve their maximum potential.