Diksha School

A holistic education becomes a part of who you are.

Activities and Initiatives

Like any other good school, DIKSHA believes in the overall development of a child. Inter-house competitions are a part of the monthly co-curricular calendar; skits, nukkad nataks, music and dance form an integral part of celebrations and generate a lot of excitement among the children. Public speaking, elocution and declamation work to enhance their confidence.

Life skills coaching is taken up by the class teachers. The teachers have been trained by Quest Foundation to conduct these classes. NGOs like Etasha conduct psychometric workshops on aptitude testing, vocational guidance and career counselling.

Midday meals have assumed great significance as our children are often unable to get the requisite nutritional meals at home. DIKSHA provides free mid-day meals to all its students, five days a week. The meals are cooked fresh in the in-house kitchen by the DIKSHA cook and provides a balanced diet complete with proteins and carbohydrates required for their for their growth and development.

DIKSHA joined hands with Feeding India by Zomato to provide a nutritious breakfast to our students every day to meet their nutritional needs. This is an important step towards eradicating hunger and improving malnutrition in our students to improve their overall health and academic performance. Having breakfast in the morning was a pleasant surprise for the students. They enjoyed the meal with milk and some of them even had 2-3 glasses of milk, saying that because of bad financial crunch they have been unable to relish it everyday. It was such a satisfying experience seeing students enjoying their breakfast. Together, we work towards building a healthier India! Thank you, Feeding India.

Physical development and health is considered pivotal for the overall development of children. A Physical education teacher conducts regular games classes and a dedicated Yoga teachers teach and meditation to students right from Nursery to Class 12. Organisations such as Sports Seeds conduct supervised games and athletics through their sports intervention program.

DIKSHA also organises regular health camps for children in association with RS Foundation. Doctors from Apollo hospitals (under their CSR initiative in association with R.S. Foundation) run a routine health check ups for children where their levels of fitness and general health are determined. The Primary Health Centre from Choma provides supplements, de-worming and necessary immunisation.

A trained psychologist is appointed to conduct general counselling for senior classes and take individual therapy sessions for children with behavioural issues.

School in the Cloud is a virtual learning tool that provides an international platform for teachers and students from across the globe. SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environment) classes are also held to augment learning through web search engines to promote self motivated learning.

Tvisha Foundation pooled in their resources to help create our website and other donation collateral such as banners and calendars. They continue to help by making creative services available to us for our social media needs.

DIKSHA alumni have become a part of the team and render assistance in public functions and other occasions.

Scholarships are given to the deserving children to provide support in further education of these children.