Diksha School India

Developing a Healthy Mind






Academic Education






Diksha provides:






C.B.S.E. curriculum for Classes Nursery to VIII (NCERT textbooks and syllabus)






All children receive subject-based instruction by trained teachers based on the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum, India, till Class 8. They are taught English and Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Humanities , Commerce ,Computers and Fine Arts,. There are up to 30 children in each Class with one to two teachers depending on the age group.






Extensive individual and small group remedial work with students as needed






As children are admitted to school based on need, there are some who require additional instruction to reach grade level or age-level academic
expectations. Qualified volunteers provide instruction individually or in small groups to support the academic growth of these children to bring them up to par with their class.






Individual student assessment for classroom placement and advancement






During the admission, children undergo basic academic assessment for the purpose of classroom placement. As the school year progresses, those who demonstrate greater aptitude for learning in most subjects are given the opportunity to advance to the next grade based on merit.






Preparation for Open School examinations from 9th to 12th classes






DIKSHA children started taking the Open School Examinations towards their Secondary and Senior Secondary School Certificate (10th and 12th) from the scholastic year (2015-2016).