Diksha School India



 About Us



DIKSHA is an NGO that runs a non-profit school in Palam Vihar, Gurugram, Haryana, India
established to provide free and quality education to children from low-income
families in the neighborhood.
A core group of volunteers and paid teachers with the support of donors from
the community have created a safe, stimulating learning environment that
allows over 420 children from disadvantaged families to develop a healthy
body and mind. Children are nurtured with respect and taught to be
responsible citizens in today’s world. CBSE based academic education is
provided by our teachers who receive on-going professional
development and are mentored by experienced volunteers. Children are
encouraged to learn a variety of extra-curricular activities such as folk art,
dance, drama, music, Life-skills and yoga and participate in inter-house and inter-
NGO Sports Events.
DIKSHA supplies a nutritious mid-day meal (prepared on the premises daily)
and a snack for each child in addition to uniforms, shoes, and
books. Periodic dental and medical check-up is given to all students by
volunteering organizations and doctors.
Parents are an integral part of Diksha and participate in regular parent-teacher
meetings and workshops on hygiene, nutrition, and non-violence.
Parents are encouraged to lend their expertise to support the school.