SOLE Lab Sessions Ongoing

SOLE (Self Organized learning environment) is to enhance the inspiration and positivity of learning. ‘School in the cloud’ is the brainchild of Prof. Sougata Mitra. It was introduced by Concern India foundation in July 2017. Inquisitiveness of children is beyond any boundaries and they are given that wide spectrum through Cloud Granny where people around the world meet on Skype and interact with the children to work towards their welfare. SOLE is inculcating that ability to use the internet for research in order to become self-sufficient in the pursuit of knowledge. It provides a global platform to interact, and through this interaction increase their knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles. As per the government order, the school remained closed for around 6 months and it reopened only in the month of October 2020 for the senior classes and the ‘Big question’ session started.
SOLE lab sessions has always relied on the internet for connecting with the grannies virtually. It is not the mode of interaction that inhibits us, but the lack of access to internet facilities within individual homes during the pandemic made the Granny interaction difficult. We have been thinking of ways to overcome this challenge. WhatsApp groups were created for the classes 2- 9 respectively. Children interacted with grannies from all round the world by greeting them, showing their drawings to them, played games with grannies, sharing the enthusiasm and festivals, talked about food, their likes, their daily routine and much more.In the last quarter (Jan to March) of the academic year 2020-2021, 76 Big questions and 27 granny sessions were conducted in DIKSHA Premises, which were booked by Grannies from around the world. Though the granny sessions were few in number the children loved to interact with the grannies. There were several interesting sessions on space, international festivals (Mosopust, Easter, and Chinese New year), Music, Sign language, Eastern Islands and Dwarf Elephants of Sicily, Italy.Big question sessions are all about learning through self-instruction and peer-shared knowledge on their own by using resources from the world wide cloud. Children were curious and engaged in searching the answers on space, environment, science, social sciences, famous personalities and Economics.
Sole lab has improved reading comprehension, behavior, language, creativity and problem-solving abilities of children and they have become more motivated to learn about different subjects and ideas. We gradually became used to the online platforms and now at the end of the fourth year, we can say that we are comfortable to online- learning. Monika Gupta has been proficiently conducting and coordinating these sessions since its inception.

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