Orientation Day for Parents of Senior Students

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“Yet another day dawned with a familiar agenda. It was an Orientation day for the parents of the senior students. Enquiringly eyes spied a few mothers entering with resigned acceptance, a straggly motley of fathers following with greater reluctance, all wishing to be elsewhere. Our eager lot of senior students sat on mats wearing ears of attention and eyes of receptivity. AVM Amit Aneja , the motivational speaker of the day, delivered a stirring speech on the role of parents, educators and the school. He was charming and spoke with seasoned ease in the language the parents knew, Hindi. Metaphors rained, interactions ensued, agenda points were covered. The young, enthused children population, seemed to be the partial participant. Parents nodded in robotic acquiescence. A spur of the moment impulse spurred me to ask two of our children to come forward and speak in English. Rekha spoke with naturalness born of a gender that embraces languages with greater ease. Abdul began with fits and starts then settled with a calm delivery on his goals and objectives. I saw a strange transformation descend on the parent population. Wonderment gave way to applause , drowning my translation of what the children spoke and animated whispering began. We had passed. Our children had passed. Our English rhapsody won. Our behemoth work got recognition. DIKSHA children could speak fluent English! They were elevated to a class across the table! The rest, well, was just work of the day!” – Shanta Sharan