26th January 2022 in DIKSHA

Republic Day
26th January 2022
DIKSHA celebrated the 73rd Republic Day by holding a small celebration In its premises.
The core volunteers, coordinators and the student council were present at the celebration. After the unfurling of the Tirana, a few patriotic songs were sung .The spirit of service and the perennial flame of hope and resilience after adversity, was extolled.

STEM workshop

STEM organised a Teachers Training workshop on December 20, 2021 to augment teaching skills of the concerned teachers. The students of Classes 10 and 12 were also included to hone their interest in Science and Mathematics. All the models were explained in minute and innovative detail, by the STEM instructor. The workshop was attended by following DIKSHA teachers:
1. Mrs. Anju Saxena
2. Mrs. Sangeeta Yadav
3. Mrs. Ravneet Kaur
4. Mrs. Neetu Srivastava


Children’s day was celebrated in DIKSHA to mark the birthday of Prime Minister Nehru. All students from Nursery to Class 12 were called to school for the Fun Day. Musical Chairs by teachers and a Magic and Puppet Show by Mr. Naem Khan from Events was the star attraction of the day. Students enjoyed themselves and had a gala time.


An inter-house Rangoli Competition was organized for students from 6th to 12th Classes in DIKSHA to mark the Festival of Lights, Deepawali. Selected students from all four houses Manik Sadan, Pukhraj Sadan, Neelam Sadan, Panna Sadan made Rangoli in the Mandala art form. The mixing and combination of bright colors in the perfectly shaped Mandalas depicted the beauty of Indian Culture. A Panel of Judges chose the Rangoli of Manik Sadan as the best one. After the dispersal of students, teachers and volunteers got together for a small Deepawali Pooja.


An Eye checkup camp was organized by the NGO ‘Ek Udaan ‘. The campaign was initiated by the volunteer, Mr. Chiranjiv Singh and was headed by Mrs.Kalyani. Dr. Akshay conducted the checkup for all the students of Classes 12th 11th and 10th Grades, in addition to half the students of Grade 7th and 8th Grade. Students diagnosed with weak eyes were advised prescription glasses.

Team Visit in STEM lab

It is indeed an honour for DIKSHA for being considered as the model school by the team of STEM Laboratory. STEM always brings its potential clients to DIKSHA as the laboratory in DIKSHA is always systematically organised and managed. On september 24, 2021 Mr. Sangram from STEM visited DIKSHA’s STEM laboratory with a client. The team of visitors were highly impressed with the knowledge,proficiency and presentation of the DIKSHA students. Our Science teachers Mrs . Sangeeta Yadav, Mrs. Neetu Srivastava and Mrs. Ravneet Kaur, rose to the occasion and supervised the event efficiently.


DIKSHA commemorated the birthdays of the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi and India’s former Prime minister Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri on October 2nd 2021. This day holds special importance for DIKSHA as its foundation stone was laid on this auspicious day in year 2008. The event was attended by the volunteers, staff members and students along with some donors of DIKSHA. The role of DIKSHA’s Vice-chairperson ,Shrimati Maya Sharan ,who passed away this year, was remembered with deep reverence and gratitude. Senior secondary students Deepak and Manisha of Class XII compered the event. The program commenced with “Deep Prajwalan” and “Sarvadharam Prarthna” by staff and students.A Ganesh Vandana was showcased by the dancers of DIKSHA. Diksha, a student of Class X , shared her thoughts and views on conservation of resources citing examples from Sri Lal Bahdaur Shastri’s life. Students of Classes 7th and 8th chanted synchronised Shlokas in Sanskrit with perfect enunciation. A few favourite Bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi and Srimati Lalita Shastri from her book “Mere Aradhya”, were sung in chorus by DIKSHA teachers in mellifluous voices