Women in Aviation- India Chapter , by Spicejet Ltd. On 9th September 2022

A motivating and inspiring talk session by young girl pilots in Spicejet Head office has brought in keen interest and enthusiasm in our young girls for choosing aviation as a profession. They need hand holding and support for choosing this profession.

The Graffiti wall painting activity by Concern India Foundation in association with BlackRock India Pvt. Ltd.

Graffiti art is a form of visual communication created in public or private spaces. It is typically creative, colourful and bold. It changes the bare walls into interesting and eye-catching exhibitions of imagination.

On 1st July 2022 around 20 employees from BlackRock India Pvt. Ltd. Came to DIKSHA through Concern India Foundation under the CSR Project headed by Surbhi Ganguly from Concern India Foundation. The bare walls of Pre primary and Primary came to life with varied themes like Marine, Jungle, Space and Educational. Children were thrilled and excited to see the walls of their Classrooms. With Graffiti art they actually changed the character of a particular area.


Health is wealth. When the child eats well he thinks well and responds well. To track the health of students of DIKSHA, medical check up camp was organised by RS foundation in association with Apollo Hospitals. Students were checked for Eyesight, General Oral health, Height, Weight and BMI Index. We intend to repeat the activity when school resumes after Summer vacations in July 2022.


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Medical Camp by Chauma Village dispensary

A much needed medical camp was organised by Chauma Village dispensary for all students of DIKSHA on 6th May 2022. The team of medical experts were present to test the children for their Hb levels. It was found out that Hb levels for around 60% students were less than value 7. The iron and folic acid syrups were distributed to all students in DIKSHA.

It was a much required camp for getting to know the deficiency in our students. The teachers made their parents aware of the fact and advised them to take care of their diet so they can focus well on the things they do and do not fall sick frequently.

Interhouse Poem Writing Competition

The interhouse Poem writing competition was organised for the students of Classes 5th upwards on 7th May 2022. The competition was bilingual. Many students participated enthusiastically and beautifully penned down their feelings for their mothers. All poems were not only written but presented as a masterpiece in itself. After following the erratic hybrid classes in school for the last 2 years, children were really elated to be part of this activity that compelled their minds to wander in search of words for the expression.

Morning Prayers at DIKSHA

Morning Prayers are the integral part of the holistic education provided at DIKSHA for all students. Because of morning assemblies students learn to speak up in front of a crowd. They build up that confidence to speak about any topic given to them. They recite the ‘Sarv dharma prarthna ‘ with which they have the realisation that all religions are equal. They sing the National Anthem everyday to pay due respect to our country and our tricolour. They sing the DIKSHA Song to keep up the glory of DIKSHA and to realise how this organisation and its premises is helping these students to rise and shine. They share the current news and thought of the day to keep all students up to date.

Self Defence Program for Girls

Self Defence programme for girl students of DIKSHA was organised by sportscraftz and Concern India Foundation in December for a complete month. A total of 110 girl students from the grades Vth to XIIth, underwent the self defence training with great enthusiasm. The professional instructor Mr. Rohit taught various stunts and techniques to the students like slap defence, front choke defence, knee strikes, Hammer strikes, side headlock etc. The prime objective of this programme was to make our girls more confident and self-defensive against any kind of physical assault and to improve their self confidence.