Diksha School India

SAP Labs India Holds Life Skills Workshops

Students of Classes 6-8 participated in active Life Skills workshops held by 9 employees from SAP Labs India. The topics were Decision Making and Problem Solving, Self-Awareness and empathy and Communication Skills.  The children eagerly took part in these informative and interesting sessions. We thank Rajni Sethi and her corporate Team to take time to help in the development of the children.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon – Diksha Participates!

DIKSHA was strongly represented by children from Classes 7 to 12 at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on October 21st 2018 at the 5.3 Km Great Delhi Run. It was the culmination of three months of rigorous fundraising by the Youth Care Team of three children and the entire school. Our target was to raise funds for the sponsorship of 100 children amounting to 12 lakhs. We are still striving to reach our target and we hope you will be able to share this post with others so we may indeed reach this goal. Our donors helped to send 83 children for the run and as you will see from the pictures they had a blast! Thank you for all your generous support! We thank India Cares Foundation for their amazing support during this entire period including an Airtel fundraising website and Radio Mirchi promotion of DIKSHA for a week prior to the event. 

2016 Diwali Harmony Mela

DIKSHA held a wonderful fundraising Diwali Mela on Sunday 23rd October on a perfectly sunny day. There was a variety of stalls including diyas and bags made by DIKSHA children and teachers. Bhelpuri and Chat Papri were run by the children chefs. Our partners Bueno Kitchens provided tasty sandwiches and cookies. pictures below depict the ambiance of the event.

Abhishek Singh Pal Consulting Conducts Free Self Awareness Workshop

Abhishek Pal of Abhishek Singh Pal’s Consulting is a Success Strategist as well as an IT professional, who is passionate about paying back to the community. He conducted a free workshop on Self Awareness for  Classes 8 to 12. As a company, they promote the benefits of identifying peak performance into daily lives.  Their mission is to help humanity to achieve more success and happiness by tapping into their hidden potential.

The Self-Awareness Workshop (SAW) topics included

*How to choose a career path?

*How to find your strengths?

*How to Improve communication skills?

*Power of self belief.

Children benefited greatly from this very vibrant workshop and there was a lineup of students waiting to have their questions answered. We thank the Team for taking the time to visit DIKSHA and help with improving the children’s life skills.

Curry Singh Kitchens visits with Feeding India Team

Chef Reetika Gill from Curry Singh Kitchens and Ankit Kawatra with his Feeding India Team had a fun and vibrant interactive session with over 100 children from Classes 4 to 8. There was a nutrition Question and Answer Session followed by distribution of seasonal fruits. Colorful balloons added a festive tone. The children were delighted when invited to show their talents in singing and dancing. The pictures display the atmosphere of the event. We thank Reetika and Ankit and their Team for the joy they brought to the children.