Abhishek Singh Pal Consulting Conducts Free Self Awareness Workshop

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Abhishek Pal of Abhishek Singh Pal’s Consulting is a Success Strategist as well as an IT professional, who is passionate about paying back to the community. He conducted a free workshop on Self Awareness for  Classes 8 to 12. As a company, they promote the benefits of identifying peak performance into daily lives.  Their mission is to help humanity to achieve more success and happiness by tapping into their hidden potential.

The Self-Awareness Workshop (SAW) topics included

*How to choose a career path?

*How to find your strengths?

*How to Improve communication skills?

*Power of self belief.

Children benefited greatly from this very vibrant workshop and there was a lineup of students waiting to have their questions answered. We thank the Team for taking the time to visit DIKSHA and help with improving the children’s life skills.